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SAS Announcements: Security notice to all SAS organisations:


Security notice to all SAS organisations:


We are aware of fraudulent calls being made to SAS organisations. You may hear an automated message beginning with “This is Pobal, there has been improper activity on your line”, or similar.

Pobal is not contacting SAS registered organisations in this manner. We strongly advise you to end the call immediately if you are contacted in this way.
Fraudsters may target services like you by sending emails or phone calls claiming to be Pobal staff or legitimate companies. These automated calls or messages may request you to click a link or to divulge personal data, username, and password. Some calls may even put you through to a fraudulent call centre.
These emails and calls are fraudulent.
  • NEVER disclose your personal information.
  • NEVER divulge your credentials (username / password).
If you have received a call of this nature, please contact the Client Services team by e-mail at or by telephone at 01 5117 222.
Thank you for your cooperation.
The SAS team




Created at 20/05/2021 15:50 by Amanda Treanor
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