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SAS Announcements: Update re New System - email sent


Update re New System - email sent


Notice to all SAS organisations

 In our letter of 22 April 2021 regarding the new SAS system, we said that we expected to go-live in mid-May 2021. This email is to give you an update on progress. We are continuing to perform detailed testing of the new system. We are also currently preparing a ‘Welcome pack’ for organisations which will be posted to you in advance of the go-live date - this will include a ‘Quick Start’ guide for the new system (we will also publish a detailed organisation user guide shortly). It is now expected that we will switch over to the new system at the end of May. We will then perform some checks to ensure everything is working as expected and historical data is carried across from the old system correctly – at that point, we will notify you by email that the system is operational. You will be then able to fully use the system
Please monitor your emails for further information over the next few weeks.
Kind Regards,
Amanda Treanor
Finance Coordinator




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