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SAS Announcements: Data Protection – Identification of User


Data Protection – Identification of User


Data protection Identification protocols

At Pobal we take data privacy and security very seriously. That is why we are now taking steps to ensure we are compliant with the new GDPR laws coming into place.  The changes below will support this and will take immediate effect.
The Pobal unique identifier number (URN) is a number that is allocated to each Organisation upon registering and participating in the Seniors Alert Scheme. This is an important number and must be quoted on all communication and correspondence with Pobal.
The Pobal URN number – can be found on the SAS Portal under your Organisation details as per screenshot below:
All email correspondence submitted to Pobal must include the Pobal URN and the full Legal name of the Organisation.
Only emails from an SAS contact person as listed on the Organisation registration form will be accepted.
Information and queries can only be discussed with those persons provided as contacts on the Organisation registration form. The Pobal URN must be quoted in all instances along with two other items of information listed below:
1.      TRN
2.      Legal Name of Group
3.      Address of Group
4.      Other Contact person
5.      Organisation ID (ID number per screenshot above)
We appreciate your support in this matter.
SAS Team




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